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8 December 2016
 December 8, 2016

Promotion runs from 14:00 GMT on November 14, 2016 until 10:59 GMT on July 3, 2017.
Make your first deposit / transfer (minimum 10 €) Poker to get Euro bonus for a minimum of 100% of the qualifying deposit / transfer up to € 100 and get a package tournament tickets 5 €. For details, see the Terms and Conditions below.
The euro bonus digested parts. The first five parts 1 € absorbed each received 15 Merit Points. The remaining parts are absorbed 2.50 € for each 225 points.

Merit Points are earned on all tables for real money at a rate of 15 for every € 1 or £ 1 paid in rake or tournament fees.
Tournament tickets can be used only login tournaments of the same type and buy-in amount. If not used within seven days after credit them, they expire.
If you do not learn, Euro Bonus expires 60 days after being credited

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