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In Argentina: Barca do not care about Messi

23 September 2016
 September 23, 2016

The new coach of Argentina Edgardo Bouse accused Barcelona did not care enough for Lionel Messi and his injuries.

“Barcelona is constantly sending us letters how we must be careful about Messi, but they did not care properly for him,” said Bouse to FOX Sports. “It’s a little strange how they make him play in every game.”

Leo Messi injured during the derby with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday and it turned out that there are tearing the adductor and missed three weeks.

Superstar already had adductor problems for which no game this month and Bouse given severance of four games in 12 days, which played Messi.

Once the pain in the left adductor him out of the World Cup qualifier against Venezuela, Barcelona let Messi play against Alaves, Celtic, Leganes and Atletico Madrid.

“We received a medical report from Barcelona. We weird because three weeks is not enough to restore a torn adductor,” said Bouse. “We have not spoken with him personally, but we want to know how serious the injury is.”

“I try to do the composition without Messi, because if you really bad, obviously something happened,” finished breeder.

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