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Proposal for winning way of gambling

14 June 2015
 June 14, 2015
How to make money through football betting?
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Hello friends! After realising that a lot of people bet childish and by this reason are losers, we decided to suggest you a pattern scheme for betting, whereby you can be transferred on the side of the winners.
For as much as it is impossible the predictions with odds about 4.50 to be winning, according to us, it is sensible to gamble for long-term program of betting. Here we are going to present you a variant of what program are we talking about, as it is important you to know that the hypothetical development of the predictions is one pessimistic example.

Winning Strategy for football betting


Let’s calculate together:
Note:  Let’s accept that the digits that are written bellow aren’t values but random units.

1st day (Loss) 10.00
2nd day (Loss)  14.00
3rd day (Loss)  19.60
4th day (Loss)  27.44
5th day (Loss)  38.42
6th day (Loss)  53.78
7th day (Loss)  75.30
8th day (Loss)  105.41
Total  343,95

9th day 147,57  ( WIN) ? 4,50 = 664,08
10th day 10.00 (WIN)  ? 4.50 = 45,00 (Here we bet 10 again because in the previous day the bet was winning.) Note: After every winning bet, you should begin again with the initial value.

?xpense for 10 days: 501.50

Expense: 501.50

Proceeds: 709.08
Profit 207.58

If 207.58 is a profit of 501.50, this is approximately 41% profit.

We want to share with you a way of making money.

At a bad juncture, you may have little more than 41 % profit (in 10 days) from the inputs, if every day you increase the value with 40 %. That is a pattern scheme with a pessimistic hypothesis. Of course, the most pessimistic hypothesis is not to win a single prediction for 10 days, but until this moment this hasn’t happened yet. Contrariwise – we have at least 9 successful matches in a month with an average odds of 4.50, which means that about 10 days, 3 predictions are successful. I’m saying it again – that’s the minimum. There have been months that we have won 15-17 matches and after you saw the pesimistic posibility, you can consider alone the variant with 5 successful predictions of 10 days.

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