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Sevilla win city derby with Real Betis

21 September 2016
 September 21, 2016

Sevilla beat Real Betis in the city derby “Ramon Sanchez Pishuan” and the team’s fans are ecstatic. Winners of the trophy from UEFA slipped three points and honor in the battle for the city honor after winning 1: 0, but the goal for success came shortly after the start of the second half.

Its author was Gabriel Mercado as Assistant was new signing Samir Nasri. Frenchman it was the first city derby since in Spain, and in this battle debuted both mentors Jorge Sampaoli and Gustavo Poje.

Typical of this clash, both teams gripped in a strong battle from the start. In the first minutes clear chances missed, but the emotions of the spectators in the stands had enough. The first real chance opened before Samir Nasri in the 26th minute when the great shot flew to the left corner of Antonio Adán, but the guard Betis got in a great way.

Again he Vicente Ibora had chances to razpishat for the symbolic home team until the end of halftime, but do not for recovery, while Cristiano Piccini had the rare opportunity to “white-green” in the first half, but he showed no composure. So the break came in a scoreless draw.

But shortly after the resumption of the game finally came the goal. Samir Nasri a perfect free kick into the box, Gabriel Mercado, falling, knocked the ball back and lied Antonio Adán – 1: 0 for the home team and the stadium exploded with joy.

Shortly afterward and Betis came to hit, but it was canceled. Alex Allegrini pierced the net, but his goal was canceled for offside. There were interesting moments and the two doors, but hits in this part of the game gone.

In the 65th minute Ruben Castro guests had a great chance to equalize but his shot was blocked by the keeper Sergio Rico. Then followed the interesting moments and Team Sevilla, but Fran Vazquez went just wide of Antonio Adán after 72 minutes.

Ultimately, by the end of the game no more hits and both teams went on to win in Seville Andalusian derby. So guys Jorge Sampaoli temporarily came second with 11 points, while Betis is in the bottom half of the table with 5 points in its assets.

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