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The stars of Euro 2016

8 June 2016
 June 8, 2016

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Before any major football competition, world media broke doing all sorts of charts and rank your ideal XI. Usually this happens after the big league, when everything is clear. But we will approach a little bit unusual and it will list the 11 stars from which to expect everything most glamorous of the forthcoming Euro 2016. Among them will be a goalkeeper and ten field players for them finding their positions will be such importance.

Gianluigi Buffon – The undisputed legend of this post. In recent years, Manuel Neuer started it up, but the German lacks only one thing – the constant class and level that Gigi has demonstrated for 20 years. This will be his last chance to win the European title and certainly a giant like him will give everything in order to triumph with it. Let’s face it, a player like Buffon deserves just that because of everything that has given the game so far.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – The last big forum Swedish star, who himself is defined as a legend. Ibra has won the championships of Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands, but what certainly lacks most is a triumph with the national team of “tertiary krunur.” Triumph in France is unlikely, but that does not mean that we will not see successive ingenious performances of the now former PSG player. Yet he was the last to appear on such a forum, and knowing Ibrahimovic will surely do something to be remembered. Remains to be seen what would it be and no possibility should not be excluded.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Perhaps the biggest star that will participate in this European Championship. The winning everything at club level Ronaldo ventured to the only thing lacking in the rich business card – honors with Portugal. Surely his greatest regret is not being able to count to themselves of such stars such as Real Madrid, but in this composition of the “Mariners” has enough quality. The question is whether it and the many goals that Ronaldo will note will suffice for ultimate success. If anything is certain, it is that the star of Portugal will seek goals like hound in every game.

Robert Lewandowski – national hero of Poland. The vast majority striker of Bayern, but can be very heavy burden. The eyes of all in the homeland of Euro aimed at him for good performance at Euro 2016, and could not be otherwise, since he did not stop piercing networks team Bayern. Throughout Poland waits goals than him and at least part of the second round, which is an achievable goal. With a striker like him should not be particularly difficult.

Kevin De Bruyne – One can not deny the team of Belgium – “Red Devils” are team where talent abounds. Perhaps hidden, and even not-so-hidden favorite for the title. Mark Vilmots gathered outrageously large amount of quality players and unlike the World Cup two years ago, here only part of the quarter is unlikely to be so well received by the fans. Especially when you have one of the most expensive players in the world right now as Kevin De Bruyne. The new star of Manchester City is expected to produce and scoring goals, creating danger to the opponent’s goal and a blade to justify its price by 75 mln. Euros. Land in France is the perfect place for it.

Thomas Mueller – One of perhaps the most underrated great stars of world football. For some reason, though it remains slightly in the shade before the big leagues to erupt just during the meetings. Defined by many as “the future best scorer in the World Cup” now is the time for Muller to show what the European stage. The qualities and flair him indisputable, but in practice it is a gun that can bring Bundestima awaited for 20 years European title. Bayern striker is a player for the key moments and certainly when the chips are down, will take the initiative. In fine form it is, and must show it in France.

Sergio Ramos – The column in the Spanish defense. How important is Sergio Ramos composition of Spain is evident from the fact that only 30 years old he already has 131 caps for his country. That is, no matter what championship qualifications and even controls it comes, it is certainly the first person called up. Once again, “La beast” is full of quality in midfield and unpredictable in attack. But stability and security in this team will depend on the most experienced defender in the selection of Vicente del Bosque. If the home team behind it is called David de Gea, Spain is going to be difficult to conquer fortress.

Gareth Bale – not the biggest, and perhaps only hope of Wales. “Dragons” are not the biggest favorites on the contrary. Their very participation in land in France is a great achievement, but if it was Bale, it would be just a dream. But the star of Real Madrid certainly has bigger ambitions than just jogging for health in three matches of the group stage, especially sweet is the challenge in the match against England group. The most expensive player in the world has the support not only of his countrymen, but the whole team behind me, so it will be expected to lead Wales forward. In this case, advantage is that not even qualify for the next phase, if the “Dragons” defeat England, will be adopted as national heroes home. Led by Bale.

Paul Pogba – France loves most major championships on home soil. “Roosters” embraced the world and European titles at home and will certainly want to do it again in front of the packed grandstands of the “Stade de France” in early July. A man who will have to lead to what is called Paul Pogba. The star of Juventus does not show the same level in recent years … and it increased steadily. It has become one of Europe’s best midfielders at the moment is perhaps its biggest boom. Estimated at “at least 100 mln. Euros,” he not only has to prove its value to the home forum, but should increase it to sink in ecstasy domestic audience that expects just that from him. Yes, the French start with a big basket and Pogba was called to her principal “filler”.

Ivan Rakitic – The motor of Croatia. Matched a stone in Barcelona and now, with Luka Modric, is called upon to put the best quality bakanski team of this championship to new heights. Croats may have slightly underestimated by analysts, but players like Rakitic in the composition, it is a sacrilege. It is expected actions with computer precision in midfield and if during the campaign team of Barcelona he proved anything, it is that such actions have not been at all difficult. It remains to demonstrate it in France.

Wayne Rooney – How time flies only. Until recently, Wayne Rooney was always one of the youngest players in the England squad until now will travel to France as the second oldest nominee Roy Hodgson. Although only 30 years old, Rooney is a seasoned veteran of three World and two European Championships. His place in attack already cool for eager recruits as Harry Kane and Jamie Vardi, but the captain of England has proven to be multifunctional and polyvalent player who can operate from lower positions. This will be his role in France, but always it can be expected to score when on the field. His 51 goals with team homeland prove it.

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