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Eridubet is a platform for sports forecasts, as the main idea and goal of the website is to gather in one place a lot of different tipsters and tipster blogs in terms of style and ways of research.


Eridubet divides it's forecasts on three levels, as each level has a different rank (possibility of the prediction coming true).


-st level - Free forecasts (5/10) - Here we will be publishing forecasts which have been researched on our most basic level. For those we spare the least time and energy, but nevertheless each user can see that they can benefit greatly from them. In time, you will understand that regardless of the lower percentage of successful bets compared to the SMS forecasts (7/10) and the Monthly forecasts (9/10), "Free forecasts" is beneficial on a monthly or yearly basis.

 Tip:You can use "Free forecasts" as a confirmation or a dismissal of your personal prediction, or a forming of a "columnn" or a "system column" prediction. Example: If before visiting you have the intention of betting on a system or a column and you already have your sporting bets clarified our forecast could help you form your column or system easier.

See our SMS sports forecast for today


Eridubet-SMS-tips -nd.
A football forecast you get through a text message SMS (7/10) – SMS Football forecast" on eridubet.comis a forecast based on a serious analysis, as here the tipsters commit a serious percentage pf their time and knowledge in the field of sports and football predictions. Here youwill find a number of good hits that youcould find nowhere else. The predictions are unique and given nowhere else if they are with odds greater than 4.50.
SMS Football Forecasts by give you a great variety of predictions with a coeficient of 4.50,columns with an average coefficient of around 6, as well as a forecast with a 15 coefficient, and the topping of the cake is a prediction with an odds of 99 or 100.
Naturally, the larger the odds are, the rarer the prediction will be succesful, however we will show somethingfrom behind the scenes by giving you an example with the tipsters from Atombet ®. In 8 out of 12 months a yearthey give 3 to 8 succesful predictions (which doesn't mean that the success ratio won't increase in the future).

Let's calculate together:
If you start betting 100 euro on each forecast for 30 days, and there are ONLY 3 successful predictions with a coefficient of 15, atthe end of the month you will have won 1500 euro. This ain'tbad winnings, right? The above is just an example. We realize that each person has their own view of the way they can use the information we offer in terms of winning, all we can do is just help by providing with winning forecasts.

Stop losing. Subscribe for a "Monthly plan" at


Eridubet-monthly- subscription -rd. 
Football and sports forecasts with for a monthly subscription (9/10)-Here comes the heavy artillery. Footbal and sports forecasts for a monthly subscription from Eridubet are predictions that will be emailed to everyone who subscribes monthly.
Here are thebest tipsters from Eridubet's team. Deep analysis and close following of seceral football, basketball and hockey teams, as well as a great number of players from different kind of sports.

 After you subscribe for Eridubet's monthly forecast, you will receive your daily email football or sports forecast with an odds from 4.50 coefficient to 11 coefficient.
 This is Eridubet's offer! Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us!

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