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 Greetings! This is the page for people who have never entered that kind of website or for the ones who have, but never really understood what benefit they could get from a football predictions website.

 The main idea is as follows: We invest our time in researching and following football, volleyball, or basketball teams, as well as specific players in the corresponding fields, and based on that we can give you a forecast of an upcoming sports event with a great possibility of it coming true.
You can say, "So what? Why do I care about your prediction? Why would I have to pay even a few euro for it?". Here is the place to explain how you can gain from a prediction that will come true.

We are on your side! We are no bookmakers! But what are bookmakers?

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 Bookmakers are the companies that take our bets for the outcome of a certain event, and after a hypothetical successful guess of ours, the bookmaker owes us winnings. Our winnings will be equal to the money that we have bet times the odds (coefficient) that the bookmaker in question has given us for the event in question.

Example: Let's assume that you bet 10 leva (euro) on a sporting event with a bookmaker-defined odds of 2 (coeff. 2) If you guess the outcome of said event, the bookie will have to give you 20 lv (euro)(they are being formed by then 10 lv you have bet + another 10 lv because your odds are being multiplied by 2 (coefficient).

 I.e.: 10 lv X 2 = 20 lv. If you don't manage to guess, whoever, your 10 lv remain with the bookmaker in question

You probably understand that if there is someone who can give you a successful sports prediction, you will be able to earn some not-so-hard cash.

Who forms odds? Where can you bet money with the forecast you have got from us?

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A lot of people ask themselves the question: Who decides whether a coefficient is 5.50 or 500?

3d small people - info iconCoefficients are formed by bookmakers' houses and if you ask yourself the question, "Do bookies offer a coefficient of 100, as we do in our predictions every day?", the answer is YES.

 Every day all bookmakers offer not only odds of 100 but 200, 300, and the sky is the limit. The odds are as higher as the lesser is the possibility for the particular thing to happen.

Example: 30 coefficient - usually the bookmakers give that kind of odds for the one team to lead in the first half, and for their opponents to turn the result and win at full time. This kind of bet is called FH/ER (First half/End Result).

3000_uomo_business_intelligenceFor instance: Chelsea - Manchester United (the first half the score was 0:1 for Man Utd, but at the end of the game Chelsea have won 2:1). 
 In that case youcan see hte FH/ER prediction, and the announced score in that format: "score" 2:1 (0:1). You can bet to the odds that we have offered you as a prediction in ground-based bookmaker houses (as in Bulgaria is Eurofootball), as well as in licensed for the territory of Bulgariabookmaker internet sites, for example, "".

 Receive our forecast, find the event at a bookmakers' of your choice, and of course, only you could decide what amount you can bet on the corresponding event that we have adviced you on. Enter our archive pages here and here, where you could gain more knowledge of what our success rate is up till now.

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Daily prediction

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We will explain to you now how to get a prediction of a sports event for the day!

1. You choose one of our tipster blogs or the SMS forecast that was given by us, Eridubet.

 2. You check the page that you have chosen to get a forecast from WHETHER THE SERVICE IS ACTIVE!

 3. You check whether our service is supported in your country.

4. You send a text on a short number, corresponding to your country.
Example: If you want to get your Eridubet daily prediction and you are currently in Germany, you need to text FOR5 ERIDU and send to number 89000.

 5. Up to a few minutes, you will get an automated text reply with our prediction of the outcome of a sports event.

6. If you have a problem, issue, or you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us on

Stop losing! Invest in your winnings!