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In recent years, the Internet appeared thousands of websites offering football predictions and information about online gambling. Probably many of you think that it's very easy endeavor, but it is not. To write football predictions need to take a long time to track each event together or separately and many years experience. However, if you decided to write football prediction, you should spend some of your time to do this for pleasure, yes it is true that they can earn extra money, but you must be motivated because I love this game.

Antonio Jesús Cotán Pérez and José Ángel Bueno Ortega - "Messi's team" are specialized with predicting games with X outcome. They have at least 4 games guessed within a period of one week. You can fully trust the experts of the X - predictions! You won't regret it! odd 3.50
Rating 81 %

The tame of Sergei Koznetsov and Bobby Bamzov ( Bobby the machine) have a very high rate percentage within the range of odds between 2 and 3.
Rating 91 %

Shlomi Azulay,Itzhak Cohen and Yossi Shivhon! Whatever we could say about these unique tipsters won’t be enough! They are unrivaled in their predictions. They are real masters of the toughest football predictions, such as HT/FT with full result turnover(odds over 30)+(HT/FT) X/1. Of course we cannot expect from them to predict such a high stakes on a daily basis. But their winning percentage is phenomenal – every ten days they predict at least one game with an odd of 30(or near) and odd 100 ( or near) if you use multiple bets! Rating 100 % +
Vlastimil Danicek and Josip Basic are the rulers of prediction, type column.   How can a man know so many tips from football games? That's genius!
Jon Jones and Teddy Bear are good in predictions as HT/FT with an odd of 15 Rating 67 %

Here you could find a prediction with an odd of 3(or near) with a tip given by Oliver Lancashire and Adam Rachel
Rating 88 %

Michael Koller and Adolfo Martínez Olmedo have success predicting HT/FT with odds of about 4,5.
Ratng 71 %

Tipsters : Josimar Alves Lira and Raphael Pereira Caetano Leal. Here is King Pele. Here this mighty team of experts are gambling with a odds between 4,50 and 5,00. Just take a look at their big percentage of successful predictions! That's incredible!
Rating 74 %